• Mesumount 200

This is my main mount and permanently set up in my observatory. Reasons for picking this friction-drive mount is its high tracking accuracy with a very small periodic error (<3 arcsec peak to peak). This is very convenient for photography purposes. Next to that I was able to purchase this mount at the introduction price which makes it an excellent value for money. More info here.


  • Vixen GPD

This is my ‘grab and go’ mount. Not that easy to grab but is has gone to a lot of places.



  • Astrosib 10″ f/8 Ritchey – Chrétien Astrograph

This narrow field telescope is used for deep sky photography purposes only. It delivers a nice flat field over a large area. This model has an exceptionally large image circle of 80mm diameter. Astrosib telescopes are renowned for their excellent optics. More info here.

Astrosib RC 250_2

  • Takahashi FSQ106ED

The Tak is my main imaging refractor. I recently upgraded it with a Robofocus motorized focuser. More info here.


  • Celestron C9.25 f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain

The C9.25 was my main planetary and lunar telescope for quite some years. I upgraded it with a Moonlite focuser. Since I acquired the C14 I don’t use it that often anymore. But I still keep it for when seeing conditions are not that good. More info here.


  • Celestron C14 f/11 Schmidt Cassegrain

The second hand C14 is my main planetary and lunar telescope since 2014. More info here.


  • William Optics Zenith Star 66mm Petzval ED

A nice little refractor which I used to have as a guiding scope. Now I use it occasionally for widefield stargazing.



  • QHY9 (Alccd9)

My deep sky imaging camera, the QHY9 – KAF8300 monochrome CCD, 2-stage peltier cooled and with an automated filter wheel. More info here.


  • Imaging Source DMK21AU(618) and DMK41AU02

These funny blue blocks are my planetary, lunar and solar cameras. The DMK21 used to be the standard AU04 version but I upgraded it with the much more sensitive icx618ala chip. The DMK41 has a larger CCD and is mainly used for making mosaics.



  • Solarmax 60mm Ha filter

My solarmax filter is a pre-Meade model. It is solely used for solar H-alpha viewing. It has a passing bandwidth of 0.7 Ångstrom and thus blocks the sunlight for about 99.99%. It comes with the BF10 blocking filter.


  • Color filters 2″ R, G, B and L from QHY
  • Narrowband filters from Astronomik
    • H-alpha 6nm 2″
    • O3 12nm 2″
    • SII 12nm 2″


  • Televue Panoptic 35mm
  • Televue Nagler 20mm type 2
  • Televue Nagler 12mm type 4
  • Televue Nagler 3-6mm zoom
  • Vixen ‘silvertop’ Plossl 26mm
  • WO spl 12.5mm

Past Friends

  • Mounts
    • Losmandy G11 with Gemini v4
  • Telescopes
    • GSO RC8
    • William Optics FLT110
    • Vixen VMC200
    • Vixen FL102s
    • Celestron C8
    • William Optics Megrez 110ED
    • Meade LX90 LNT 8″
    • Televue Pronto 70mm
    • Meade ETX70
    • Dobson Darkstar 6″
  • Cameras
    • QHY8 (Alccd6)
    • Canon Eos 20D(a)
    • Meade LPI

2 thoughts on “Equipment

  1. Peter Goetmaekers June 28, 2017 — 9:16 am

    Als je met de 16″ f3.75 Dream Scope werkt, gebruik je dan een OAG om te guiden?

    1. Ik werk unguided, met dank aan de ASA montering. De lights zijn meestal 300s, lang genoeg voor dit snel systeem.

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